There were few rules, just the way people with creative minds like it. Each art quilt would be 15″ high and the exhibit would be installed in a continuous horizontal stripe around the gallery wall. The materials used were left up to the imagination of the individual artist. The theme was open to wide interpretation.

It was in this spirit of creative freedome that HARDWARE, a term with many meanings, was born. In their attempt to capture the different meanings of HARDWARE, the artists have used varied techniques. Some members hand dyed fabrics; some used commercial materials. One used screening and machine embroidery, another recycled plastic bread tags. Others chose to incorporate commercial cogs, nails, thead drawings, polymer clay, and worn clothing (making hardware into “hard wear”.)

The images of the artwork on this page are available as a postcard catalog that includes all 12 of the pieces shown here along with statements from each artist. The postcards are packaged in black customed design package embossed with the word Hardware. Purchase price is $12 plus $4 shipping and handling. Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Please contact New Image for further information.

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B.J. Adams

Mary Beth Bellah

Jeanne Benson

Sara Brown

Ardyth Davis

N. Amanda Ford

Lesly-Claire Greenberg

Catherine Kleeman

Dominie Nash

Sue Pierce

Michele Vernon

Sandra Woock

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