B.J. Adams

My artistic life began with painting and drawing and, at the same time, I made my own clothes. When I discovered fabric and thread as a medium for art, a whole new textural world opened and ideas poured forth. The sewing machine has become my brush and pencil; hundreds of colors of thread have become paint for realistic and abstract images set on various backgrounds. I want my realistic or surrealistic work to give the viewer a surprise, an out of context image, size, or viewpoint. While working on one piece, another idea often emerges, and it is this stimulating flow that causes my work to be ever changing and challenging. As Jacob Lawrence once said, “All artists are constantly looking for something, and they don’t always know what.”

Wide Load

Barbed Wire

The View from Ginny's Barn

Contemplating Chaos

Contemplating Chaos (detail)

Contemplating Chaos (detail)

Variations on A

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