Somewhere Else

“How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.”
Buckminster Fuller

Each artist was to make two pieces of work for this exhibition. To begin with, she designed a piece of fabric that reflected her own work in some fashion. Inspiration sources ranged from photographs they had taken to designs from a sketchbook. Then each artist had two yards of fabric printed, one to use herself and one to give to another person in the group. Our curator, Trudi Van Dyke, made the pairings between artists with the ultimate goal of stretching the artist’s comfort zone. The only requirement was that there had to be enough of the printed fabric in the piece to be recognizable.

During the creative process, the artist kept a journal that tracked her sketches, feelings, frustrations, and successes. A common theme that ran through many journal entries was how difficult it was to work with someone else’s fabric design. Trying to incorporate an unfamiliar vision into one’s own work proved to be a significant challenge. Trudi had achieved her goal.

New Image printed two catalogs to accompany this show. The first contains images of the individual fabrics and the two works by each artist, along with detail images. The second and larger catalog includes the above and also the journal entries. For more information about purchasing catalogs and venue bookings for Somewhere Else, contact Trudi Van Dyke.

Below are the images of the work with a description of the fabric being used. Click on any image to begin a slide show.